ANTONI ROS MARBÀ, ALBERTO MARTOS Y PABLO MARTOS │ HAYDN · Violin concertos & cello concerto in D Major

Antoni Ros Marbá and the brothers Pablo y Alberto Martos gave us one of the most beautiful performances that could have been made of the works ‘Concerto for violin and orchestra in G major, Hob.VIIa / 4’ and the ‘Concert for violoncello and orchestra no. 1 in C major, Hob.VIIb / 1’ of the Austrian composer F.J Haydn.

Pablo Martos, who made the recording of the two Haydn violin concertos, translates us with his interpretation for the great way of ‘not doing’. It makes everything flow, brings the score closer because everything is there, just observe and through your enormous talent offers us what we define as the great art.

Alberto Martos, faithful to the old Haydn, conscious of the transcendent of his legacy, eclipses the most powerful light to make it his will what he wants and shows us one of the most beautiful pages ever written for this instrument.




EL BESO. Violin Concerto in G Major, Hob. Vlla:4: I. Allegro moderato
EL PUÑETAZO. Violin Concerto in C Major, Hob. Vlla:1: III. Finale (Presto)
LA MADUREZ. Adagio from Cello Concerto in C Major, Hob. Vllb:1